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Artist Wellbeing provides mental health and wellbeing support for artists and those working within artistic industries; such as theatre, TV & film and dance.

Artist Wellbeing can support anyone who identifies as an "artist"; such as actors, dancers, writers, directors, performance artists, visual artists and more.

Artist Wellbeing can support those who work alongside & in collaboration artists; such as producers, crew members, stage-managers, lighting/sound technicians, venue members and more.


All services are provided by a qualified & registered counsellor or psychotherapist, who also has experience in supervision and working within a creative industry.

Depending upon specific needs, services are provided via online video support, in-person sessions, on-location or within the rehearsal room.

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HealthCare Award Winner


team & company support

Support for creative teams, producing companies, cast & crew members

individual support

Industry specific therapy, process supervision, mental health & wellbeing support

training & workshops

Sharing and teaching best-practice methodologies / psycho-education / well-being workshops

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"We had a dramatherapist on standby the whole time ... She was very helpful, quite grounding. When occasionally things do get quite tough ... I would meet with Lou."

Michaela Cole,

I May Destroy You


"[Lou was] someone to talk to and lean on when the going got tough. "

Ursula Martinez, A Family Outing


Artist Wellbeing Practitioner

Lou Platt is the founder and director of The Artist Wellbeing Company

For Lou, being an Artist Wellbeing Practitioner is a unique synthesis of being a qualified & registered integrative dramatherapist, clinical supervisor and independent theatre maker/performer.

Through use of compassionate therapeutic techniques, open dialogue and psycho-education, Lou strives to enable artists to not only take radical care of their mental health and wellbeing, but to also reach and maintain their fullest creative potential.

Lou has worked as an Artist Wellbeing Practitioner within theatre, film, TV, dance, visual arts, writing and the music industries.

For quality assurance, Lou is registered with the Health Care Professions Council, is a member of the British Association of Dramatherapists and has public liability insurance. She regularly takes her artist wellbeing practice to clinical/process supervision, and also engages in Continual Professional Development through on-going certified training and learning practices.

To find out more about Lou and her services as an Integrative Therapist or Clinical Supervisor please visit


Featured in the
New York Times

She is very clearly on the side of the person who is in need,” [Michaela] Coel said of Platt. She puts that person “before producers, directors and money, and television itself. And actually she may have been the only person on set able to do that,” she added."

Photo Credit: Alex Ingram