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Are you an artist who is looking for mental health / wellbeing support?

Whether you're looking for support in direct relation to a specific project, or for over-arching career support or guidance, or you might be looking for a counsellor/psychotherapist to work with personal concerns or issues outside of your artistic practice and would like to work with a therapist who has first hand experience and understanding of the creative industries, then please take a look below to see what services are provided via Artist Wellbeing.


When working as an artist / creative (especially as an actor or dancer) there is profound overlap between who you are and what you do. Whether you are faced with challenges in your personal or professional life, you may want to seek support from a therapist who has an understanding of the creative industries. Dedicating time to exploring your internal world with an experienced therapist can bring greater clarity and mastery in both your personal and professional lives.

Areas that are often addressed:

Anxiety  /  Depression  /  Addiction  /  Trauma Recovery  /  Eating Disorders  /  Coping with Rejection  /  Boundaries  /  Self-Identity Issues  /  Belonging


If you are drawing upon autobiographical material it is important to consider how you are going to take care of yourself when putting private material out into the public arena. This is even more important when the personal stories contain sensitive, challenging or traumatic material.

With the support and guidance of an Artist Wellbeing Practitioner you can take time thinking about personal ethics, care & responsibilities to yourself, to other people in your story, your creative team and your audience.

Art often comes from a wound, and the artistic process is often a journey of self and societal healing. You may want support and guidance on how to avoid re-traumatisation and enhance healing for both yourself and your audience.


Actors and performers often draw upon their own personal experiences and internal worlds to influence and enhance their performance. By engaging in a therapeutic process with an Artist Wellbeing Practitioner you can gain greater access to your inner resources, and develop greater confidence and mastery in your art.

You can gain / refresh your skills in de-roling techniques, coping with rejection and competition, stage-fright and performance anxiety, working through creative blocks and more.

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