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Production & Organisation Support

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Artist Wellbeing provides On-Call therapeutic support for cast and crew in theatre, film and TV

Artist Wellbeing also provides Process Supervision and Reflective Group Sessions

"She's like a precautionary fireblanket."

Joise Dale-Jones, Producer, Creator, Performer.

Thie Egg

On-Call Support

When working on productions could your cast, crew and production team benefit from having access to emotional wellbeing and mental health support?

Artist Wellbeing provides qualified and experienced counsellors & psychotherapists who offer on-call support to professionals in the creative industries. This is particularly relevant when working with sensitive and traumatic material or story-lines.

On-call support can help creatives, crew and members of production process any emotional or mental health difficulties they may encounter when working in the development stages, in the rehearsal room or on set. This support can then create healthier and more resilient practitioners who will in turn be clearer in their creative visions and more connected to themselves and their craft. The people and the art both benefit from this method of best practice.

If you would like know more or discuss how you can integrate mental health and emotional wellbeing support into your productions then don't hesitate in getting in touch for a no obligation conversation.

"It’s been a lovely support having you around"

Donna Mabey, Producer,

I May Destroy You, BBC/HBO

On-Call Supprt
Process Supervision & Reflective Groups
It has never been more important to take care of our own and each others wellbeing & mental health in this time of great change, loss, adaptation and renewal within the arts.

  • Session are facilitated by an experienced therapist or counsellor

  • 90 - 120 minutes (depending on size of group)

  • Held securely on Zoom

  • A dedicated time in which artists / professionals / companies can deeply check in with each other

  • The sessions are designed for the group to

    • reflect

    • deepen self-awareness and connection

    • move through creative / organisational blocks

    • lean into collective wisdom and experience

    • seek guidance / support from each other and the facilitator

  • Session can be a one-off, or something that is put in at regular intervals - whatever feels best for the company / collective

  • Fees are negotiated which each company / participants

If you'd like to explore this possibility further, please do get in touch for a no obligation chat.

Paper Structures

Companies & Projects

Could you and your company or project collective benefit from a group artist wellbeing session?

Dark Green Paper Structures

Individual Artists & Professionals

Would you like to bring together artists outside of your company to reflect and share experiences?

Pink Paper Structures

Venues & Organisations

Are you a venue that would like to host a wellbeing / reflective space for associated artists / arts professionals?

Process Reflective Groups
Heart & Hands

Mindful Co-Working

"The term 'mindful co-working' reflects a simple truth: the best co-working happens when colleagues pay purposeful and careful attention to their own and each others' roles, responsiblities, thoughts, feelings and perspectives. It requires a conscious and deliberate use of the mind and the imagination. In other words, mindful co-working does not happen by chance, or by rote delivery. It is always a result of fully conscious and considered collaboration."

From Mindful Co-Working by Clark Baim

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