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Ment-Well #6: The Re-emerging Artist

Film Edited by: Vicki Hawkins at

This film is the next sharing in the Mentoring & Wellbeing process, inviting you in to the third wellbeing session that focused on the "re-emerging artist".

What is it like and what will it be like to re-emerge?

When you watch, notice what you feel, what you witness, what your process of re-emerging may be like for you.

Feel free to add any comments below.


What are 'Ment-Well' articles?

Between July and October 2020, eight early-career theatre makers will come together to explore different aspects of their making process. They will be guided by writer, theatre maker and performer Caroline Horton who will facilitate five Mentoring sessions. In between the mentoring sessions, Artist Wellbeing Practitioner Lou Platt will facilitate Wellbeing sessions. In a hope to share discoveries and learnings with the wider community, each participant will create a 'Ment-Well' article that will capture something of one of the nine sessions. These articles are for collective self-reflection and a transfer of knowledge. They are to be approached by the author and audience with a sense of lightness, spontaneity and curiosity, and may be a seed or starting point for further thought and exploration - nothing more, nothing less.

Group members:

Radhika Aggarwal, Emily Beecher, Vicki Hawkins, Caroline Horton, Ant Lightfoot, Charis McRoberts, Lou Platt, Rebecca Saffir, Yuyu Wang, Caroline Wilkes.

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