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Have a look below at examples of how an Artist Wellbeing Practitioner has worked with various dance practitioners.

Johnny Autin Nucis Designs .jpg


Ways of Working:

  • Individual psychotherapeutic / process supervision sessions

  • Dramaturgical & devising support within the studio


Johnny's words:

I have been working with Lou for 2 years now and our “work” together has tremendously impacted my practice as an artistic director/choreographer and has inspired a unique collaboration to work towards a new piece of physical theatre titled ’Square One’. The Artist Wellbeing practice that I learnt and benefited from has created beautiful and memorable moments where I had time and space to reflect, heal, grow in an environment where I felt safe and supported while most vulnerable. The psychotherapeutic techniques, the wealth of experience and immense empathy that Lou brought in our work was truly transformational, and so much so that I cannot conceive developing further artistic and choreographic practice without this type of collaborative support, especially when the work touches on past traumas and hard hitting taboo subjects. I really believe that any artistic endeavour or process that involves people, creatives, artists, audiences, communities can only benefit from the wholesome support that Lou’s integrated practice provides.  To summarise it: It’s like an all-rounded, all-in-one, 1-2-1, mental, emotional, psychological, theatrical, dramaturgical support and collaboration to look at the hard and heavy stuff and find ways to process them to make them a little softer and lighter. 

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Johnny Autin

Photo credit: Warren Murray



Ways of Working:

  • Individual reflection sessions

  • Group work

  • Aims - to unburden, gain insight and personal perspective


Shelley's words:

I have worked with Lou on a number of occasions, in various different capacities including group sessions, led check-ins and 1on1 wellbeing therapy. Each time I have felt immediate benefits to my wellbeing as well as noticeable, uplifting personal growth, not just as an artist but through my day to day being. Lou’s experience and approach creates an environment of safety and security, where I felt comfortable in being honest, open and sharing.

Through my work with Lou, and the positive realisations that were discovered, my approach to working in dance has shifted, bringing wellbeing and the idea of safe spaces to the forefront of every process. Thank You Lou, until next time!

FInd our more about Shelley here.

Shelley Eva Haden





Ways of Working:

  • Individual reflection and processing sessions for three independent dancers after a collaborative process & performance

  • Aims - to unburden, gain insight and personal perspective

Laura Vanhulle's words:

[After the session] I just had rehearsals and I had the most authentic productive rehearsal and knew exactly what to express! And why and how!! This was the most useful session of my life! I will be back.

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