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Team Workshop


Ways of Working:

  • Facilitating a Group Session for the entire team working at the gallery

  • Exploring & sharing Be-Longings - inspirations & aspirations

  • Creating depthful and transparent connections

Jo Capper's (Collaborative Programme Curator) words:

Emotional, surprising, expected and unexpected, funny, tearful, wholeheartedness, belonging, transformative. Lou has a thoughtful, caring and intuitive response to working with a group and situation, she brings about a great momentum and honesty that settles and encourages genuine participation.​

Alice O'Rouke's words:

On a personal level, the workshop was a great chance for me to think about my professional progression – it was suitably apt that this session coincided with my first day at Grand Union so these thoughts were all very fresh in my mind; the workshop helped me to solidify my thoughts.

The workshop also opened my eyes to the wonderful team I’ll be working with – to undergo a therapy session with your colleagues certainly brings you closer so in this instance I found the workshop to be really positive for our collective relationships.

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